5 Most Common Workplace Injuries And How Your Team Can Avoid Them

Preventing injuries in your industrial workplace is always a top priority for employers. Following OSHA safety protocol and providing training can help create a safe environment. Here are the five most common workplace injuries and how your team can avoid them.


Trips, Slips, and Falls

Slip and fall accidents in the workplace make up about a third of all personal injuries on the job and are the top reason for worker’s compensation claims. They can cause damage to the head, back, and neck and can result in sprains, broken bones, or pulled muscles. Slip and fall accidents are generally caused by hazardous floor conditions such as water or oil. They can also be caused by weather events such as unexpected ice. Trips can be caused by poor lighting, hazards like cords or wrinkled carpets, or uneven walking surfaces.

Moving Machinery

Moving machinery can cause significant injuries when someone is struck or crushed by these items. Factories, farms, and construction are the highest in manufacturing environments. They can cause serious bodily injury and even death. Training on the safe use of machinery and guarding dangerous parts are necessary.

Vehicle Accidents

Whenever vehicles are involved, accidents can happen. This is true for positions where drivers are on the road and in manufacturing environments around vehicles such as forklifts and cherry pickers. The safe operation of these vehicles is paramount in reducing accidents and injuries. This includes not only the drivers but also other workers in the area.


Fires and explosions are serious safety concerns in the workplace. Burns, disfigurements, and death can occur. Hazardous materials and exposed flame can cause them. An explosion can cause fire damage and injuries such as being struck by a flying object, crush injuries, and soft tissue injuries such as to the ears or eyes.

Repetitive Stress Injuries

Another prevalent type of injury in the workplace comes from repetitive stress. This can happen in physical work environments, such as manufacturing, as well as within an office environment. That’s why it’s essential to encourage team-lifting of heavy objects, use of safety equipment such as back or wrist braces, and taking regular breaks.

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