Do You Know What Recruiters Are Looking For On Your 2023 Resume?

Your resume is the first impression you make for recruiters and hiring managers. You want to ensure that it has everything you need to succeed. It should include your employment history and accomplishments to sell your skills to the hiring manager. So what are recruiters looking for in the first stages of reviewing a resume?

Let’s take a closer look.

Work Experience

The most important part of your resume is the work experience. Recruiters and hiring managers want to see your previous experience at a glance. There are two formats most common for resumes. The reverse chronological lists jobs starting with the most recent and includes bullet points for duties and accomplishments for each one. Functional resumes focus more on skills and achievements but will still provide an easy-to-read list of employers.



Many companies also want to see what kind of educational background you have. For most people, except for recent graduates and professionals with extensive education credentials, this will be a simple section that includes the school or university, program or major, or any relevant certifications. You do not need to include your dates of graduation.

Skill Set

A resume should also showcase what you know how to do and why that’s relevant to the job. You shouldn’t just include this as a bulleted list. While recruiters will want to see the most important keywords as they skim your resume, you should still incorporate them in terms of your work or accomplishments.



This is a tricky one, but still significant. Your resume shouldn’t be so formulaic that it doesn’t showcase who you are. Your personality is a big part of the fit within the company culture, so feel free to showcase it. If you’re creative, be creative. If you’re analytical, showcase that. However, you don’t want to cross the line into a personal bio. You can save some of this for your cover letter.


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