3 Reasons You Should Go to the Gym Before (or After!) Every Shift

Building healthy habits is a great way to keep yourself fit and engaged. Daily exercise is one of the best long-term habits a person can have. Even 30 minutes of exercise before or after work will leave you energized, clear-headed, stronger, and feeling better about yourself.


Here are three reasons you should go to the gym before or after every shift.

1. Stop Relying on Other Methods to Wake Up

We know mornings can be challenging, but some habits we often fall into can have long-lasting health implications. For example, caffeine is okay in small doses, but many people rely on that energy boost to get them through the morning. Too much caffeine can cause long-term health problems, including increasing insomnia, causing hypertension, and more. By adding exercise into your morning routine, your body creates more natural endorphins that will help you stay active throughout the day.


2. Improve Your Mood and Lower Stress

Remember those healthy endorphins? When you start exercising more, you’re body releases this chemical, which improves your mood and lowers stress. Exercise is also a stress-reducer because it imitates stressful situations but in a more positive way. It helps your body correctly use the flight or fight response rather than kicking in at high anxiety moments. Exercise can also be a form of meditation to help you be more mindful and lower stress.


3. Create Healthy Habits for a Lifetime

It’s never too late to start with a new exercise routine. And when you do, you can create healthy habits that can last you the rest of your life. Exercise’s mental and physical benefits can carry over and create a long-lasting impact on your overall health. People who exercise sleep better, have more energy during the day and burn more calories. Going to the gym also provides additional social benefits. Exercising regularly also boosts your confidence, which can help your career long-term.


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